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Welcome to the website of the Stressed Clergy Association. We try to post as many resources here as we can, but for more assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Help for Stressed and Abused Clergy and their Families

Greetings from a fellow wounded servant! If you have been searching the internet and found yourself here, it is likely that you have or may be experiencing the bewildering trauma of 'clergy abuse.' Granted, you are not likely being physically assaulted - but abuse comes in many forms. There is of course, physical abuse. But there is also relational abuse and spiritual abuse.

These two can be just as daunting and traumatic to endure as physical abuse can be. To be sure, abuse leaves scars.

So what is a Pastor to do? Where can you turn for help? Well, here is one place. The Stressed Clergy Association specializes in helping wounded, discouraged, disillusioned or even abused clergy - find their way again in ministry through Spiritual Strength Training.

Through training, fellowship, prayer, accountability, prayer and support, we are here to help the wounded healers find their way back into the ministry. But as you return you will be wiser, stronger, more faithful and ever more committed to living out God's call in your life.

We conduct workshops throughout the country and are currently planning a big event in Loganville Ga. for April 24th. Our ministry team of experienced pastors - men and women - have more than 150 years of experience. We have licensed counselors on board, ordained clergy, well trained laity and others, all dedicated to your healing, spiritual care and encouragement.

So look no further - despair no more. You have found the healing place. Stroll through our pages, which are constantly being updated to learn more. As always, you can contact the director, Rev. Randy Kanipe at any time by email at He will respond to your email within the hour received, and will share with you a variety of plans available - all at no cost to you - for healing and strength, to continue your ministry.

May God bless you in these difficult times, and please do not hesitate to contact our staff at any time.

In Christ,

Upcoming Events

See our event page for information on our upcoming events and conferences.

Stressed Clergy Association's Winter Conference
January 6-8, 2015
North Florida Christian Service Camp

Find more information here.

In the News


We are excited to announce the release of the movie BETRAYED: The Clergy Killer's DNA. This is the best insurance policy any member of the clergy can have when it comes to dealing with difficult and antagonistic people in your churches. You can order a copy from the website.

About the film, taken from the website:
The Church, regarded as a bastion against evil, is afflicted by people perpetrating, aiding and abetting evil within its sanctuaries, parking lots and administrative offices. Individuals carrying out evil agendas are called Clergy Killers, a provocative term that is almost as shockingas the immoral and often illegal acts that Clergy Killers commit against pastors of congregations.

Abused, avoided and ultimately abandoned by the very churches they serve, pastors of mainstream denominations globally are being driven out of ministry forever. BETRAYED uncovers the growing issue of unchecked bullying against consecrated men and women working in approximately 50% of faith communities throughout the world. Bullying in the church and proposed solutions are examined and discussed by pastors of multiple denominations, their families, theologians, psychologists, lawyers, sociologists and church historians.

Over the course of nearly four years, the investigative efforts of US Films has uncovered the answers to questions asked by Jewish rabbis and Christian pastors from around the world, questions which up to now, remained unanswered.  For the first time ever and without narration, BETRAYED presents those answers which church hierarchies prefer to be kept secret.  Is the Church practicing what it preaches by seeking justice and resisting evil? Not effectively.  Has the Church become a corporation, where the power hungry are allowed to destroy faithful yet vulnerable ministers in order to protect the almighty dollar? It seems this is so.  Is the solution - pastors uniting to end bullying and identifying Clergy Killers in the Church?  BETRAYED makes a compelling case. Bullying of children and teenagers today, is an alarming travesty that must be stopped. BETRAYED is the first of a four part series, showing that bullying of clergy is also a matter of life and death.

Our Staff

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Find out more about the Association and our devoted staff.

Success Stories

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Read about how the ASAAC has helped other clergy triumph in their struggles in our success stories.


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You can find helpful links and resources to help you and your family deal with your stress. There are also resources for lay members looking to become more involved.